Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pepsi Special's Blocks Fat But Causes Three Painful Symptoms

Drink soda and lose weight? Pepsi Co has claimed that they have created a soda that blocks fat. Which means, you can eat blueberry pie, Burger King Tender Crisp sandwiches, Twinkies, fatty steaks from Ruby Tuesday, french fries, and large amounts of chocolate cake without and repercussions.

But there is always a catch isn't there? There are actually three catches to the new soft drink.
The first problem is the product is only sold in Japan. To get it here to the USA it would likely cost around $1,000.

The second problem is what the new soft drink is that it contains Dextrin. dextrin is a fat-blocking fiber that tells your body not to absorb the fat from the delicious Subway sandwich you just ate. As of today, the FDA is still studying the claim if Dextrin does what it says it does.

The third problem is the fact that Dextrin is used as a laxative. So if your body refuses to digest the food, then you are going to be on the can suffering from terrible cramps and gas.

The wheat-derived form of Dextrin has been approved by the FDA to be a colon cleanser.
It's likely going to be a long while till this product hits America, if it ever does. In the mean time, there are other Dextrin products out there you could get that don't involve soda.

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