Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Richard Wolffe Says GOP On A Witch Hunt Against "People Of Color" In Obama Cabinet (VIDEO)

Richard Wolffe, VP and executive editor of, believes that the GOP is on a "Witch Hunt" against "people of color". Here is what he said on MSNBC:

"RICHARD WOLFFE: There is the question about John Kerry, but I think now that John McCain has sunk his teeth in, he's made it about presidential authority, and, frankly, it's outrageous that there is this witch hunt going on the right about these people of color, let's face it, around this president. Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, now Susan Rice. Before it was Van Jones. This is not about who is hawkish in the same way John McCain is about foreign policy because if you look at Iran and Libya, Susan Rice checks those boxes. This is a personal vendetta."

I guess this would explain why in the final week of the election NBC ran 0 percent unfavorable news stories on President Barack Obama. But anyone who watches MSNBC can tell you, they are all hardcore liberals.

Recently the GOP is being trashed by left for asking hard questions about Susan Rice's contradictory statements on Benghazi. Rice said continuously that the Benghazi attack was due to an unruly mob over a youtube an extremely low budget anti-Muslim film. This is despite the fact that we had extremely good intelligence that said it was an organized terrorist attack.

D-SC Rep. Clyburn claimed the GOP was using code words about U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice. "You know, these are code words. We heard them during the campaign - during this recent campaign we heard Sen. Sununu calling our president lazy, incompetent, these kinds of terms that those of us, especially those of us who were grown and raised in the South, we would hear these little words and phrases all of our lives and we'd get insulted by them."

Is the GOP attacking Susan Rice because of her "color" or because of the fact that she or someone in the Obama Administration (possibly Obama himself) told her to lie about terrorist events right before an election?

Watch the video by going to Real Clear Politics.

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