Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Melissa Harris Perry Thanksgiving Rant: 'Have A Happy Injustice, Agony, Selfish, Racist, & Occupier' Day

MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry, a radically liberal host, did a story on how awful Thanksgiving is. Her monologue ended with, "Happy 'Violence, Disease, & Land Theft' Thanksgiving".

Perry, at first, lulled us into her monologue by calling Thanksgiving a day that's about relaxing, the Macy's parade, football games, and delicious foods. She left out "giving thanks" but I'll let that slide.

Doesn't that sound just great? That's my kind of Thanksgiving.

But then her monologue took a turn for radical leftyland. She said during her show, "Thanksgiving is not that simple. The kindergarten story that you learned about grateful Pilgrims and happy Indians is not even close to the historic reality of how European settlers brought violence, disease and land theft to the indigenous peoples who were already in this land long before it was discovered."

Perry then went on to say that disgusted with Macy's after featuring Trump in a recent ad. She claims that half a million people want Macy's to end it's relationship with Trump. She called Trump's attacks on Obama birth certificate, "vicious, radicalized attacks".

So let me get this straight: Trump is racist, so are the republicans, and especially the Tea Party. Did I get that right Ms. Perry? Only on MSNBC can you make it without a cognitive and have a show where you call half the country racist and get away with it.

Perry then went on to remind people that millions of poor families in our country are regularly going hungry. Don't worry Perry, U.S. News said today that Americans are using Food Stamps more than ever before to buy their Thanksgiving meals.

She finished by saying we should still enjoy our holiday while we "embrace" the "agony and loss and injustice that under-girds our history."

Happy Thanks Giving fellow Occupiers!

Watch the video here


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