Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fabio Maciel Dies At His Wedding: Trips On Beer Glass

Never, ever drink and wed. A 33-year-old Brazilian groom died after he tripped and fell on his empty glass of beer.

According to reports, the incident occurred six hours after Fabio Jefferson Sos Santos Maciel married Geise Guimaraes. It was suppose to be the happest day of the the couple's lives.

The incident occurred at 2 am while Maciel was playing with a young bridesmaid. According to the Telegraph, "A beer glass he had put in his trouser pocket broke and pierced his femoral vein - a major artery in the top of the leg - causing rapid and irretrievable blood loss."

Mr. Maciel's widow is reportedly devastated. Maciel had recently finished constructing a home for him and his bride before the wedding.

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