Friday, November 16, 2012

Mass Effect 3's Yvonne Strahovski Interview: First Date 'Fart Story', What Kind A Man She Wants

Chuck, Dexter, and Mass Effect 3 actress Yvonne Strahovski latest sexy interview released some details about what kind of men she goes for, farts on first dates, and belly dancing. Yvonne Strahovski's "Hot Complex" interview has a special video and photo gallery on their website. Please check it out below.

When Yvonne was asked what is her ideal guy she said:

"He has to be smart, honest, understanding with a good conscience, funny, and…athletic."

When asked if she prefers Australian men or American men, she chose American men.

She then shared a terrifyingly hilarious first date story. She said:

"On our first date, one guy farted loudly in front of me. I considered that shady for a split second, before I burst into laughter and thought, Wow, he's a keeper."

Farting on a first date is DEFINITELY a "Renagade" option.

Go check out the photos, the videos, and the full interview at

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