Wednesday, November 7, 2012

OUTRAGE: Dillian Warden, 3, Charged $2,500 For Public Urination On Front Lawn

 A potty training toddler, Dillian, has earned his mother a $2500 ticket for not being able to hold it while in the front yard of the home in which they reside in Oklahoma.

When our young offender, pulled down his pants to go in the front yard (instead of going in his pull-ups), an officer drove by and handed his mother, Ashley Warden, a ticket for public urination, according to KCTV 5.  Our perpetrator’s grandmother wonders why this officer has been spending tax dollars harassing their family in a rural Oklahoma neighborhood.

This is ridiculous!  Poor Dillian will be afraid to go anywhere but his pants again! And to think this is where our tax dollars go. This officer really has nothing better to do.

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