Wednesday, November 7, 2012

David Jimenez Video: Sues "God" Because A 600-lb Crucifix Cut Off His Leg

Weird church incident sign from God? David Jimenez is taking St. Patrick's Church in Newburgh, New York to court over an accident that occurred there in May 2010. This accident occurred when a huge cross weighing 600 lbs fell on his leg resulting in amputation of that leg. Jimenez, 45, is now hoping to gain money in an out of a court case from St. Patrick's church. The trial is scheduled for January in Orange County Court according to The Associated Press.

How could this happen you ask? Jimenez's attorney, Kevin Kitson, claimed that [Jimenez] had prayed at the cross when his wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Once she recovered, Jimenez decided to clean the crucifix out of gratitude for his wife's healing.

During the cleaning of this 600 pound cross, the cross fell on his leg. Jimenez was seriously injured. Jimenez was rushed to the hospital and that's when he learned that his leg would have to be amputated.

Jimenez is unable to work and is suing St. Patrick's church for $3 million dollars in damages. Kitson's argument is that the church is responsible because the cross was held in place by only a single "useless" screw with no anchoring system.

St Patrick's Church's insurance company has yet to come up with a settlement. Despite the Church's efforts to collect food and funds for Jimenez in the wake of this tragic mishap, Jimenez is still hoping for his day in court and a ruling in his favor.

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