Thursday, November 8, 2012

Free Mark Basseley Youssef PETITION! Obama Administration Falsely Imprisons Youssef Over Benghazi Scandal

I am calling for the freeing of Mark Basseley Youssef. He has been sentenced to a year in jail after being unfairly blamed by the U.S. government over the 9/11/12 attacks. This is an outrage.

This man and his family have been destroyed because of the lies of the Obama administration. Youssef was incorrectly blamed for the violent uprisings on Middle East U.S. embassies and CIA safe houses. The Government laughably claimed it was all because of his short 14-minute anti-Muslim film. Now the Government claims "it might have been terrorism" despite government emails and video footage proving they know it was.

The unraveling of the Libya scandal proves that Youssef is INNOCENT of not causing the riots in the middle-east. It's insane to think that Muslims living on dirt streets would all of sudden be offended by the internet on 9/11. There are thousands upon thousands of anti-Muslim movies, shows, videos, websites, pictures but somehow we are to believe that they found Youssef's video on Youtube when the world didn't even know it existed? 14,000 views were on that video when we checked it the day after the Libya scandal. That's hardly enough to start a riot when no one has even really seen it.

Just try to imagine a Muslim man on the dirt streets of Libya logging into Youtube, typing in the name of Youssef's video (having knowledge of it's name), and then getting angry and telling all of his friends. Are you kidding me?

People who log into the internet know you have to have a spine for your beliefs. Why would a Muslim in the middle-east be any different? We are being lied to. This was a coordinated attack.
Youssef was a lamb to the Obama administration. He was sacrificed over the altar in the Oval Office by Barack Hussein Obama. And no one has stopped him because Youssef is a criminal.

Is Youssef a great guy? No. Did he break laws? Yes. Was he unfairly targeted by our government? Yes!!!

Clinton and the Obama Administration made good on their promises to the Libya victims. They promised they would send Youssef in jail despite no prior knowledge of who he was and if he had actually broken any laws. Meanwhile, they are sweeping Benghazi under the rug with the help of the major media. They are dodging questions and hoping we forget. We will not forget Mr. Obama. You may be the President of the United States for another four years but freedom, truth, and God will see to it that you are brought to justice.

I have never been so ashamed by my country.

Free Youssef and come clean and tell the American people the truth.



  1. This is insane! How could our government do this to us

  2. This needs to get out everywhere, conservatives need to unite. How can we just let him be imprisoned for Obammy's lies... we need to stop the boy king racist american hating libby!

  3. Our only hope for Barry O to be held responsible for his lack of action is the House continuing it's investigation. You'll notice that the extremely left slanted press is still claiming he is responsible, despite the overwhelming proof to the contrary.


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