Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Prostitute Cristina Fierro Hearing: Lawrence Taylor Went Too "Rough" And Didn't Cuddle

New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor is in big trouble. The 16-year-old prostitute LT violated told a Manhattan jury what her experience was like with the football player.

Fierro said she found LT naked on a bed in a hotel room in Montebello. She claims a man told her to have sex with Taylor for $300.

When she came into the room, LT laid down probably the grossest compliment in history: "He said I had nice curly his wife," Fierro recalled

Fierro claims that at this point she went into the bathroom and called her uncle who in turn called 911.

Fierro kept hoping in LT's dark room that the police would bang on the door and come save her. "waiting for shadows to come and banging on the door to come get me,"

Taylor reportedly got on top of her and she squirmed and tried to push him away but because of how big the former linebacker is, she was not able to.

Fierro said she told LT it was her "first time", LT replied, "Just relax." According to reports from police, it was not her first time and she had semen from another man inside her as well.

Fierro described that night with Taylor as rough and painful. She claims the experience was so awful that she felt suicidal for months and began taking medication for depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

After LT was done with Fierro, Taylor just "pulled out money and said 'Here, can you turn the TV off on your way out."

New York Giants players are just so charming arent't they?

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