Thursday, October 25, 2012

13 Questions For Obama On Libya Benghazi Gate Embassy Attack (LIST) Chris Stevens, Sean Smith Dead

President Obama, Americans at first we accepted you at your word when you told us that the Benghazi attack was just a 'spontaneous uprising over a anti-muslim film'. 13 days later, you switched positions saying it was a terrorist attack but claimed you had little details. You tried to sweep the details of the attack under Oval Office rug but we found your mess.

America has 13 questions for you after emails and reports prove that you knew it was a terrorist attack from the beginning and who did it. Reports say that an official video feed was being shown at the White House while you were there showing the attack live in Benghazi.


1. Why did your administration say that the best information they had was that the attack was because of a "spontaneous riot" over an "anti-Muslim video" despite having 3 emails, 12 reports from 12 different agencies that said an Islam extremist group led by Ansar al-Sharia claimed responbility in a coordinated attack on 9/11/12?

                        a. If you knew the truth, why did you claim it was because of a video for 13 days?

                        b. Who claimed 'it was because of a video' orginially?

                        c. Why would anyone listen to the person who claimed it was the video after you and the White House watched the attack on a drone camera?

                        d. If you wanted to be cautious with the facts, as you scolded Mitt Romney about during the debate, why would you go with a video with no ties to the attack over intellegence that confirmed who the attacker was?


2. Why did Clinton, and the rest of your administration, claim it was because of an "anti-muslim video" despite having the same information you had?

3. Why did you indict an innocent filmmaker? who was brought in by police, despite evidence to the contrary?

                        a. How are you going to make it up to the filmmaker for wronging him and putting his life and family in danger of extreme muslims in our country?

                        b. Do you feel sorry that the man was brought in by police even though he did nothing wrong?


4. Drones do not float around randomly, why was there a drone watching the safe house?

                        a. Who ordered the drone?

                        b. Where did the drone come from?

                        c. When was it ordered?

                        d. Why was it ordered?


5. Who was in the White House Situation Room watching our people get killed?

                        a. Were you there?

                        b. Where were you between 4:05pm to 6:07 pm while the emails were sent out?


6. Why was CIA agent Sean Smith posting disguised information about the happenings at the safe house on the internet MMO game forum of 'Eve Online' around 6:54pm?

Here is what he said: "Assuming we don't die tonight, we saw one of our 'police' that guard the compound taking pictures."

                        a. Why did he refer to the guards at the compound as "police" in quotations?

                        b. Was Smith refering to the The 17th of February' militia?

                        c. Why was he in fear of his life? Why did he suspect his guards?

7. At 7:30 pm, despite agents fearing for their lives, Ambassador Stevens met with a Turkey council general at the safe house. Why was a turkey council general meeting with Stevens in Benghazi at 7:30pm?

                        a. According to reports, the Turkey Coucil member came to the safe house while they were under threat, why would he go there?

                        b. Why would Stevens have the Turkey Ambassador come despite reports that they are under threat?

                        c. What was the meeting about?

                        d. At 8:30pm, the Turkey councilman left with no incident and is walked out by Stevens. There were no riots outside. Why?

At 9:40pm the assault began, footage showed armed men swarming the safe house and the fight lasted 7 hours until the break of dawn.

8. How is it that our quick response force was not able to make it to Benghazi in time?

                        a. Why did officials say we care more about violating Libyan sovereignty than saving Americans?

9. If the Safe House was under threat and they knew they were going to be attacked, why did the terrorists wait until the Turkey ambassador left?

                        a. Is Turkey part of the attack?

                        b. Is the ambassador part of the attack?

On Septemeber 4th, a brief from the state department said that Bengazi was placed on MAXIMUM security.

10. Why were there Americans in Benghazi at that time?

                        a. Why did our Ambassador have a Turkey Ambassador come to the safe house despite Benghazi being on high alert?

                        b. Why didn't we have an aircraft presence near the area despite the fact we had warnings since August of a possible terrorist attack?

11. Why was Ambassador Stevens and four other Americans at the safehouse without protection in one of the most dangerous cities in the world during one of the most dangerous days for Americans in the world?

                        a. Was Ambassador Stevens there on a weapons mission with other CIA agents who died?

                        b. If so, who was he giving weapons to, why, and where did they come from?

12. Why was Stevens being protected by the 'The 17th of February' militia?

                        a. Do they have ties to extreme Islamic views?

                        b. Did they have anything to do with the attack?
13. Four Americans are dead and your administration has covered up their deaths, insulted their families, and betrayed America's trust.  Mr. President, are you going to tell us the truth about Benghazi-gate?


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