Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Donald Trump Should Have Chosen PETA; Offered More Than Pocket Change For Obama Documents

Donald Trump's announcement reminds me of the scene in the movie "Ransom" when Mel Gibson offers money for the head of his son's kidnapper. Except, Trump was ransoming for his sanity.

Donald Trump is offering $5 million to a charity of Obama's choosing if Obama releases his college records and passport records. This is all part of his birther arguement. Trump said if Obama does this, to his satisfaction, he and the American people will be satisfied and will be $5 million richer.

I have to say, this news is a big letdown. But I expected it. All of this hype for something Obama is just going to ignore. Despite how easy it would be for Obama to release these records, he's not going to just because 'Trump dump' asked him to. Trump is a fly on the wall and Obama means to redistribute his money through upwards 60 percent taxes.

Trump should have chose PETA for the donation. Hollywood Liberals would have gone nuts thinking of how many puppies they could save.

Donald Trump's trump card is not an October surprise, it's not a game changer. It's a cry for attention.
It's less than two weeks before the election and there are very few people are going to care about Obama's college records or passport records. The birther arguement has been debunked, it's over Trump.

This will probably be the last time Trump is taken seriously. Trump should have offered more than his pocket change.


  1. Donald trump is an idiot

    1. Obama's the idiot because obviously there is something wrong whis his college informations. Why is he hiding his grades, even W released his. If he is so much smarter than he show us


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