Friday, October 26, 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal Endorses Mitt Romney On Twitter...Or Does He?

 Did Jake Gyllenhaal endorse Mitt Romney? A Twitter account by the name of Jake_Gyllenhall sent three tweets on Monday evening. The tweets discussed why Gyllenhaal was turning on Obama.

The tweets posted:

"If Obama Has All These Answers Of How To Save Our Country, Why Hasn't He Implemented These In The Last Four Years"

"As A Democrat, I'll say it now, I endorse Mitt Romney For President Of The United States #MyVoteIsMade"

"Obama doesnt listen to Romney at all in any debate, Romney's saying I dont believe that, yet Obama insists time and again he does #Stupdity"

But unfortunately for Mitt, the Gyllenhaal twitter is fake. In the twitter headline it says, "This is my fansite, Not here to be a Celebrity."

Gyllenhaal is known for being an active Democrat. He has not endorsed Obama as of yet.

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