Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hugo Chavez Endorses Barack Obama After Calling Him A "Shame To Black People"

USA Today called it "the endorsement Obama doesn't want". Dictator Hugo Chavez, socialist president of Venezuela, has officially endorsed President Obama.

Here is what the Venezuelan President said on a televised interview:

"If I were American, I'd vote for Obama." Obama is a "good guy".

When he was asked if Obama would vote for him, the power hungry dictator said, "I think ... he'd vote for Chavez."

Now why would someone who called our president "a clown, embarrassment, shame to Black People" in 2011 now endorse him?

Obama will ignore Chavez's comments, true or not, because he's got more important things to do like going on the America's favorite lady gossip show called "The View". As we all know, Whoopi Goldberg is far more important to a President than world politics.

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