Tuesday, November 27, 2012

France Supports Palestine Over Israel: Will Vote "Yes For Palestinian Statehood

Are the end times here? France has announced on Tuesday that they are voting in favor of a Palestinian state. They have turned their back on their long time allies in Israel and have become the first major European Country to favor Palestine over Israel.

Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said they will vote "Yes" on the issue of Palestinian statehood at the next U.N. General Assembly.

American President Barack Obama has also stated that he would support going back to the 1967 state lines in 2011. Along with France, Switzerland and Portugal said they will vote for the measure. Germany said they oppose the Bid. Britain has not revealed their intentions as of yet.

If the Palestinians would win U.N. approval, they would attempt to take land in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and everything east of Jerusalem and form Palestine. This could result in war between Israel.

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